Thursday, January 27, 2022

Educational tour at Kuala Sepetang

Dec 2021 • Family

I spend a fruitful Christmas at Kuala Sepetang thanks to En Khairul who is a knowledgeable guide who knows the Kuala Sepetang ecosystem very well. The tour is entirely private and it is 1.5 hours long bs 0.5 hours for the rest. In comparison to the other tour operators, it may appear to be priced higher but it is very worthwhile given the relaxing schedule which allow you ample time to explore the flora, fauna and animals around Kuala Sepetang. Not to forget it is entirely private and the experience and passionate En Khairul counts.

Watching the eagle diving and grabbing the food is an experience like watching national geographic live. The other thing you should watch out for is the flock of birds flying across your boat when you approach them.

The boat ride is so refreshing along the river more so in the evening and being a dweller in the city would really appreciate the freshness and coolness of the air in Kuala Sepetang river.

We are so happy with En Khairul services and we returned the next day to experience the life of a fisherman by doing crabbing and fishing the next day. We are also shown the site where the previous first railway line was before. We went to Kuala Singgah and was told that there is a school where they house 4 teachers and 2 students. The best private tutor school in Malaysia I guess. There is a coffee shop selling coffee made from rainwater. I have the urge to try but was stopped by the dear wife. We went for a nice seafood dinner and I must stay the crab is so fresh and the meat is so firm and sweet (should have steamed it). Don’t leave without trying the cockles and clams which are freshly caught here. The night ended with the firefly tour and En Khairul imparted us with the knowledge of star gazing. We went to see the firefly along the mangroves. It is magnificent and I must say the population is huge here vs the ones in Kuala Selangor and Kuantan. I was also told the presence of the king firefly which reside on top of the tree with less frequent blip vs the rest. It was indeed watching Christmas tree blinking lights on a Christmas Eve.

I probably return back for a fishing trip next year. God willing. Do enjoy your trips in the good hands of En Khairul.


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