Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pakej Gua Tempurung Caving Package

Private Tour
- Educational Caving
- Private Tour Guide
- Helmet provided
- Lunch pack
- Cave Exploration
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Monday, October 3, 2016

Kuala Sepetang Eco Tourism

SK Simpang Pulai little buddies again.
They were special needs kids from SK Simpang Pulai. They came with their teachers, family members and helpers. Once I get their intention and trust they were all mine. 
Need to change to the simplest interpretation. Hope Sepetang EM could add more photos

Kg Dew Fireflies

Never in my life I argue with my tourist about tips money. But with this wonderful great and joyful personalities I suddenly not satisfied. Sorry to speak from my heart and thank you for visiting us. It was a good tips instead and a great time with all of you Suraya Yusoff
Conservation is part of my job as a tourist guide.

Enjoyed our trip out to Sepetang last night to see the fireflies at the mangrove swamp. It was a fairy land..! Perak has much to offer in the way of natural beauty, but so much more could be done for it's preservation and the development of eco tourism. I was sad to see occasional bits of rubbish floating around and can see development encroaching..😱.
Mangrove swamps neutralize tones of carbon each year, and provide breeding grounds for many endangered species.
Our guide Encik Khairul was both passionate, and well informed. Thank you Khairul!

Matang Mangroves Forest

It is a mangroves forest as a whole. Stilt roots and straight tall trees. This is what you see. But if you come with nature tourist guide you'll be able to understand the importance of mangroves. Look for the animals that's inhabited this forest and the most important aspect is how the mangroves filter and clean the water. So here we have a good marine life.

Kuala Sepetang Tourist Guide

Don't you ever mess with this old nature guide. He got a powerful gun. All of you are the animals in this mangroves forest. He will shot you death. So make sure that he never see you all. Squat and you are invisable to him. Now everybody can follow him.
My interpretation to the very special kids.

Kuala Sepatang Eco Tourism

SK Sg Betul. Bagan Datok Perak.
A school with 24 students.
So everyone joining including teachers, parents and staff.