Thursday, August 16, 2018

Trip Advisor 2018 Certificate of Excellent

Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve Trip Advisor 2018 Certificate of Excellent @ Kuala Sepetang Eco Tourism
2 Days 1 Night Matang Mangroves Forest Exploration Package
Pick up from Taiping Railway or Bus Terminal4:00 Check in at wooden chalet in the forest reserves/ rest
15:00 Introduction to Matang Mangroves Forest, stroll along 1.3km boardwalk & planting a mangrove sapling to officiate the visit.
16:00 River cruise, fisherman village, birds watching, productive mangroves forest & visiting fish farm.
18:00 Seafood dinner.
19:00 Sunset view & fireflies sighting.
20:30 Rest at chalet.
21:00 Night walk in mangroves forest. Plenty of insects, wild boar, nocturnal reptiles, owls, nightjars, glow worm, fireflies.
08:00 Breakfast at local stall
09:00 Ride a bicycle to fisherman small town
10:30 Visiting charcoal factory. Fisherman village -First railway history, dockyard, dried shrimp industry, fisherman jetty and cockles cleaning.
11:00 Rest and ready to check out
12:00 Good bye Kuala Sepetang
Above itinerary is a usual practice and we are well experince of it.
There is only 2 air condition chalet available. Queen bed.
Max 4 pax
Price: Minimum USD400 @ USD200 per person
Nature Tourist Guide
1. Khairul Salleh bin Ahmad
2. Haji Azman