Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Fireflies Private Tour

Kelip-kelip Kuala Sepetang firefly private tour with Pn Sari and En Amin.

Sari 19 Dec: Assalamualaikum en khairul

Nak tanya utk trip esok ke matang forest reserve tu agak2 pukul berapa ye

Khairul Kuala Sepetang: 9:30am 13 orang, 3 family. Tapi private tour puan

Saree wrote a review 20 Dec
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We have an awesome experience watching the fireflies. En Khairul is an ethusiastic and passionate tour guide. His explaination about fireflies and mangrove management are so on point and interesting. He makes me want to go to other tourist attraction in Kuala Sepetang with him. Love the fireflies watching experience. Love the explaination. Love the hospitality by En Khairul. Do contact him at 0125145023 for any tour visit at Kuala Sepetang. A fireflies boat ride with him is a must.