Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Marang Fisherman

En. Jamil ready to go fishing
During my vacation to terengganu on August 2007. I had to know this man who had his own boat. After negioation he agreed to took me and my brother Asri for a fishing trip near Pulau Kapas the next day. It was really great moment. That night we went squid fishing along the wave breaker at the marang river. we caught 3 mambang squid and i hope it enough for the bait tomorrow.
My family will go the the island by speed boat then.
We caught a few Kerapu near Gem island. After and hour i started to vomit. the boat is small and i didn't took any pill mabuk before.
We then go to a new place in front of Pulau Kapas Jetty, it was fully of Kerisi. We caught a lot of it till i started vomit again. I had to let the fish in hook for sometime because i'm not able to hold to my fishing gear anymore.
By then mr jamil start his boat and to the shore we heading.