Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This beautifully breathtaking hill resort is formerly known as Maxwell Hill. With an array of bungalows aptly facilitated suffice groups, family or single outing. Enveloped by misty clouds, listening to the crackling forest sounds and experiencing the scenic wiew of Taiping with the shifting of the clouds below endows the natural beauty of Bukit Larut. To top it all theres a waterfall for cool fun Bukit Larut style!!!


The oldest if its kind in Malaysia. Operational in 1880, it is located within the vicinity of Bukit Larut and Taiping Zoo. Magnificently sculptured out of natural environment , it presents a serene and tranquil panoramic landscape. A fimiliar sifht is the drooping branches of ancient Angsana trees that seems to betray the law of nature and willingly touching the grounds and water around it. To travel under these branches would certainly exude a felling of sobriety and peace as never before. Its cool serring has given its patrons moment to remember Taiping with love.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Matang Forest Reserve (Bird Sanctuary) Kuala Gula

A birds haven, the Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuart is the place of communion for birds of multi-species from all over the world. Among the half a million birds found here is the rare and endangered Milky Srorks. This annual stopover for birds the world over has enough offerings to keep even the least enthusiastic bird lover appeased. Cruise along Sungai Kuala Gula and you will found a lot of bird looking for food.