Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wincester Electronics Teambuilding dan Tours

Hi En. Khairul Salleh,

1. Kami ingin memaklumkan bahawa kami telah “comfirm” dengan trip ini pada 8 Jun 2014.

Date Jun 8, 2014
1.15 pm Depart from Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.
Meeting at Kuala Sepetang Mangrove Eco Park
2.30 pm Tour to the mangrove forest and plant a mangrove seedling.
3.00 pm Visit to the Charcoal Factory
3.30 pm Tour to the fisherman village. Eagle feeding
4.00 pm Set the crab nets to the best location.
5.00 pm Boat tour to Kuala Sanggar where on 23 Mac 2014 my lucky visitors spotted a group of 4 dolphins Fishing and cockle harvest
7.00 pm Dinner at Seafood Restaurant

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