Saturday, January 28, 2012

Save Our Firefly

Nurul Salmi · Answered No Aquaculture and save fireflies
Dr Nurul Salmi is a Lecturer B.Sc.(Hons.), Universiti Sains Malaysia M.Sc., University of Aberdeen, UK Ph.D., University of Nottingham
Sg Sepetang has one of the few best stretches of fireflies in Peninsular Malaysia. It is truly unique, amazing and phenomenal, very rare indeed, only found in very few locations around the world, one being Kuala Sepetang. It would a tremendous mistake to disrupt their habitats and colonies, as once disturbed they will be forever lost. As it is IUCN has recently ranked Malaysia in the top 20 countries with endangered species, with us being the 3rd! It would be terribly erroneous and saddening to further add to the number of endangered species. We do not need to be famous for the wrong reasons. Fireflies are so understudied in Malaysia, so little is known about them. In many parts of Malaysia their habitats have been lost already from land clearance and river management. To lose any species, such as the fireflies, is like to lose a precious, priceless jewel. So, please, please, keep the fireflies glowing in Kuala Sepetang (and elsewhere).
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