Sunday, December 11, 2011

From Singapore With Love

Tarikh: 9 Dec 2011
Package: Kuala Sepetang Fisherman Activities, Mangrove Tour & Fireflies
Boatman: Adam
Tour guide: Amirul Salleh
Assistant: Asri

Our first destination is Kuala Sanggar Kuala Laut looking for dolphin but there not even one splash seen. Kuala Sanggar located at Sg Sepetang river mouth about 30 minutes boat ride.
There we accounted egrets in the wild and resting on a man made floats.

A pair of white belly eagle is having their meal on the tree branches as we preparing our crab net. Set it to the sea to try our luck.
We were using En Adam boat. He is a prawn fisherman and a quite man.
Then come to the best part "fishing". As the sun set in the horizon, we start our fishing experince. Everybody is busy trying to cast the fishing rod, feel the fish snatch the bites and reel it to the deck. We caught about about 20 cat fish and 5 gelama.

We stop fishing when the sun set completely and become dark. We collect back the crab net but caught just 3 small prawns.
On our way to see fireflies we saw a boat catching prawn. On our way back we stop to catch a look and find out there is a lot of prawn, shrimp and fish on the deck. We ask to buy some and ended out with a basket of giant prawn.
All full and thats the end of our best vacations in Kuala Sepetang Eco Tourism with En Khairul Salleh bin Ahmad.

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