Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kajian Lapangan Kelip-kelip Sungai Sepetang UPM

Tarikh: 21 September 2011
Masa: 7.00pm
Peserta: Wan Faridah,
Dari: Universiti Pertanian Malaysian, Serdang
Boatman: Ismail Ishak
Lokasi: Jeti kelip-kelip menyusuri Sungai Sepetang hingga Kuala Sepetang
Objektif: Kajian Kelip-kelip Sungai Sepetang
Penemuan: Genus Pteroptyx Tener & Pteroptyx ...........
Genus Pyrocoelia ........rufa


Males and females of Pyrocoelia rufa are indistinguishable in their luminescent patterns. The female is wingless and can only walk on the ground.

She emits a continuous light similar to that of the male and larva. The male may be recognized by the form and size of the light organ, which differs from that of the female (Fig. 7.1–2). It is impossible to send signals with critical timing using continuous light, which simply conveys position.

FIG. 7. Light organ of female and chemical communication of Pyrocoelia rufa. 1. External morphology of light organ in female. 2. Female light organ at night. 3. A male is attracted to a female by her pheromone. 4. A coupled male and female (Ohba, 1983a)

The female attracts males using its continuous light, and it is presumed that sex pheromones participate as well (Fig. 7.3–4). Communication in this species, summarized in Figure 11, corresponds to System I of Lloyd (1971).

I think that this system may be seen as the ancestral system. The following species also have a PR system based on field observation: P. atripennis and P. miyako (Ohba, 1983a).

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