Friday, August 5, 2011

More Testimonial

Travelling again this weekend... to one obscure place - Kpg Dew, near Taiping, to check out fireflies along Sg Sepetang. Last weekend, was in one of my favourite places, Merang in Terengganu, and cruised Sg Mangkuk to see the fireflies there. Not a large colony, unlike in Kuala Selangor 10 yrs ago. Soon, i can tell which is the best place to see this magical creature
July 21 at 10:16pm · ·

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    • Francis Cheong How r u putri?
      July 21 at 10:26pm ·
    • Mariam Merican Stop by the famous Mee Udang at Kuala Sepetang!
      July 21 at 10:28pm ·
    • Putri Zanina hi francis, am doing really fine. been travelling quite a lot lately. how's yr charter cruises... or any new venture?
      July 21 at 10:44pm ·
    • Putri Zanina tks mariam, my friend casey also just told me to check out the mee udang banjir. am curious whether it's better than those sold in sungai dua, seberang prai...
      July 21 at 10:45pm ·
    • Jayashree Krishnan I've been to Kg. Dew, I believe we were one of their maiden tourists. The traditional coal factories seemed interesting. Can't wait to hear your comparisons about the fireflies in different places.
      July 21 at 10:54pm ·
    • Zara Zaaba bring me laaaaaa..... boring duduk rumah :(
      July 22 at 9:01am ·
    • Norhaida Mustapha wow....very interesting hideout...i should give a try...need your help lah...
      July 22 at 7:16pm ·
    • Putri Zanina The sight of Kg Dew fireflies is spectacular! Jessie, I can say that it's better than Kuala Selangor today, and much better than the other spots I've been - Yakyah and Merang in Terengganu. Can't say if it's the best in Malaysia - more than 50 known spots including in Sabah and Sarawak. But what i can say is that it's worth the money to go check it out. Yes, Aida, u should go too. Yr kids will love those "lightning bugs". Do read my story on Kpg Dew in Travel, NST August 11, 2011 - Thurs
      about an hour ago ·

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