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Educational Geography Trip


Isaac Lim
Isaac Lim
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Nov 2022 • Business
Encik Khairul Khairul Salleh Ahmad ...
I wish you are well and always in good health and may you continue doing what you love to do being closed to the nature.
It was a great 3 days 2 nights for the 15 kids to be with you and your relentless explaination through out the educational trip...
Arrival at Kuala Sepetang
Cockles Beach
Mangrove Adventures
River Cruise at Sungai Reba, Sungai Sepetang
Amazing Eagles feeding experience
Visiting floating fish pond with puffle fish
Visit to Kuala Sangga, the 1 student school, dried shrimp processes
Firefly sightseeing
Taiping trails
Taiping Lake discovery
Antong Coffee factory visit
Burmese Pool
Jungle trekking
Fried cucur udang (Malay style tempura)
Walk around Kuala Sepetang
Port Weld
Sepetang Scenic Bridge
Charcoal factory visit
Ship/Boat Yard visit
Wonder Mushrooms.....
Not forgetting the people we have met, the homestay operator, the people at Kuala Sepetang, the people at Kuala Sangga, Taiping, Matang, the workers working at ship dock, the neighborhood, the boaters the fishing village operators and they all are welcoming us....
The animals ranging from the amazing eagles, stocks, swallow, sea otters, puffle fishes, monitor lizards, guard dogs at fishing villages, leeches... I can feel the balanced ecosystem.
We are all connected...
Wow..... I listed down all the adventures... as much as I could...
As a helper to the group teacher and the 15 kids and a following parent, I was benefited by your passion in sharing all the educational tips and experience myself and I believed the teacher and kids too.
Thank you thank you thank you for your dedication, passion and thank you for being with us for as many days.
Thank you for helping in preserving our GEMS in nature.
You are awesome.
Written 21 November 2022

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