Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Taiping Green Destination Tour & Packages.

Welcoming my tourist from Kuala Lumpur to the South down to Singapore. Why need to drive all the way in a heavy traffic and find your holiday wasted on the road. 
    Take the smooth train ride up North to Taiping and we will wait for your at the railway station.
   We will suggest your accomodation, tranportation, place to eat and the tour.

Welcome to Taiping sustainable and controlled areas like Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, Kampung Dew fireflies, Kuala Sepetang Eco Tourism & Birds Watching, Kuala Trong Duck Farm, Bukit Larut Highland, Taman Tasik Taiping Beautiful Lake Garden, Zoo Taiping and Night Safari; and Batu Kurau Tradisional Village.
Taiping, Perak Malaysia.
Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in the world 2018.
    Perak’s second-largest town is defined by water and greenery. Locals laud it as the ‘City of Peace’ for trailblazing Malaysia’s first museum, first railway and first newspapers in English, Malay and Tamil. But it’s Taiping’s ‘Rain City’ title that has stuck.
 Taiping has the biggest volume of rainfall in Peninsular Malaysia: all the better for its verdant lake gardens (and the pastime of ‘rain betting’, where locals take a punt on what time downpours will start and stop).
Taiping is a tourism destination with elements of nature such as mountains, waterfall and wildlife. Taiping is popular with the beauty of flora and fauna that attract tourist. Taiping always gets the most frequent rainfall catchment that is near 320 days per year.
Taiping’s nature welcomes wildlife and lush plants. The beauty of the nature is able to give a feels of relaxation to the tourists that come to Taiping. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of Lotus Flower in the lake and other plants around the garden.


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