Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Singapore To Perak Tour 2019

Journey from Singapore to Ipoh, Perak will take 562 km by car and 1 hour 15 minutes flight. We will wait for you at the Lapangan Terbang Sultan Azlan Shah.
Objective: To learn history, to explore nature, to enjoy culture and food.

Day 1 - IPOH Town. Ipoh is the town made from Tin Ore.
The first place to visit is the Palong Tin Mining Gallery at the Kinta Riverside Walk. Here you can experince the hard labor work and see all the equipment related to tin ore mining.

Visit The Concubin Lane 
If you love art and design, antique, souvenirs, good food this is the right place to visit.
Back to 1892 the building in three lanes provide shelters for the mining workers, eateries and coffee shops. This is the place where the tin ore miners rest, meeting friends and entertain themselves.

Day 2 Gopeng and Gua Tempurung
Bintang Ridge provide plenty of fresh clear waterfalls and caves.
You will visit Gua Tempurung up to the top of the cave. If you want more challenge, take the wet tour where you will follow hollow and slippery passage down to where you start your tour. Here you will learn about limestone cave, the rocks and how the stalagmite and stalactite formed.

Back to the root.
Gopeng Museum is all about the history of tin ore mining with old pictures and exhibit.

Visit the Semai Orang Asli village of Ulu Geroh.
It is really cool to see the living of orang asli. They depend totally on the forest. Their houses is built by all the material found around them. Here you can dip you sweaty and smelly body into the cold running fresh water. Please be aware of beautiful butterfly along the river and small fishes which bite your toes.
This is the place where you can donate some books for the library. Some sweets for the shy kids, cloths for the youth. Please buy some craft from them.

Day 3 Taiping Heritage Trail, The Beautiful Lake Garden, Bukit Larut@Maxwell Hill, Antong Coffee and Cendol.
Kuala Sepetang Charcoal Factory, River Cruise,Mangrove Tour and Fireflies Sighting.
You will know about their houses, boats and their way of life. Stop over at fish farm to feed te fish, puffer fis, horse shoe crab and archer fish.
Birds watching and eagles sighting.
Tour to the mangrove forest. You will know about their special adaptation to salty water and mud. On the beneficial to the nature and the economic value to us. Plenty of birds, dolphin (on luck), eagles.
Dinner at seafood restaurant on own expenses.
Slide show about fireflies.
Enjoy the fascinating fireflies display.


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