Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kuala Sepetang Heritage and Nature Package

Pick up at Taiping Railway Station
Duration of tour approx  4 hours
Minimum RM1200 (1-3 persons) or RM400 per person
My card holder:
Minimum RM600 (1-3 persons) or RM200 per person

  • Meeting at Matang Muzium to learn about the history of Tin Ore Mining in Larut. (Before Taiping is born)
  • Visiting Matang Mangrove Park to learn how the 40,000 hectares of mangrove forest is manage since 1950.
  • Learn the skills of controlling fire (carbon burning) in one month period to make a quality charcoal from mangrove logs.
  • Cruising along fisherman village to see the fisherman activities, type of boats and the their culture. 
  • Get the glimpses of wildlife like water birds, Kingfishers, Kites (eagle), monkeys, monitor lizard, mud-skipper.  Otters is lucky.
  • Visiting fish farm to feed them, handling horse shoes crab, watching archer fish spitting it prey and lots more display fish such as puffer fish and cats fish.
  • Heading 15km West to the estuary where there is an isolated village call Kuala Sangga. There is no electricity and running water. The school with 14 students, Plenty of abandon houses. Along the way we might spot the lucky dolphins.
  • Back to Kuala Sepetang for lunch (morning tour & check in hotel) @ dinner (afternoon tour) and refreshing. Own expenses
  • Enjoying slow cruise to see sunset and witness the fascinating fireflies display.
  • End of tour.

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