Monday, October 3, 2016

Kg Dew Fireflies

Never in my life I argue with my tourist about tips money. But with this wonderful great and joyful personalities I suddenly not satisfied. Sorry to speak from my heart and thank you for visiting us. It was a good tips instead and a great time with all of you Suraya Yusoff
Conservation is part of my job as a tourist guide.

Enjoyed our trip out to Sepetang last night to see the fireflies at the mangrove swamp. It was a fairy land..! Perak has much to offer in the way of natural beauty, but so much more could be done for it's preservation and the development of eco tourism. I was sad to see occasional bits of rubbish floating around and can see development encroaching..😱.
Mangrove swamps neutralize tones of carbon each year, and provide breeding grounds for many endangered species.
Our guide Encik Khairul was both passionate, and well informed. Thank you Khairul!

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