Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Little Buddy's Camp

Little Buddy's Camp in progress.
Set up tent in 10 minutes. Preparing check list 10 minutes. Cooking 2 dishes in 30 minutes. Before the rain pouring down. Now they still playing at car porch.

Thank you my little buddy's. 2015
Lets join uncle for Buddy's Camp 2016. 
We build a camp by the beach while you mummy and daddy can rest at the Hotel or Chalet nearby.
You will learn how to set up the tent.
Cooking breakfast for your parents and wake them up to have breakfast with you.
I will take you around the beach and learn about sea, beach, high tide and low tide and the flora and fauna along the walk.
Back to the camp you will learn about cooking rice with rice cooker. Cooking sardine, cutting fruits.
I will show you how to clean your food, fried chicken, cook vegetable and fish.
Set the table for lunch.
Then we will invite your parents to eat with us.
I will let you to rest at your parents air cond room but just for a fast shower and short naps.
In the afternoon we will go fishing.......
For more...please wait