Tuesday, September 9, 2014

British Explorer Isabella Bird

Kinta Ship 1220 GRT
Dear Kairul,

I found on the Internet your interesting site http://www.kualasepetang.com/, from which I understand that you organise boat trips from Kuala Sepetang.

In February 1879 the Britisch explorer Isabella Bird travels from Butterworth to Larut. with the steam-launch Kinta.
She enters the Sg Larut and lands at Teluk Kertang, from where she continues her trip, using a gharry, to the Residency in Larut.

She describes this voyage in letter 18 of her book the Golden Scersonese

Dark blue is the route of the Kinta, in green the continuation to Larut.

Would it be possible to "repeat" part of her boat travel with one of your boats?
For example the yellow route.
Or the (much shorter) red one?
If possible, can you give an estimate of the time needed and the cost involved?

This morning I got up before daylight, and went up a hill which is being cleared, to enjoy the sunrise, the loveliest time of the tropic day. It was all dew and rose color, with a delicious freshness in the air, prolonged unusually, because the sun was so slow to climb above the eastern mountain tops. Then there was a sudden glory, and birds, beasts, and insects broke into a vociferous chorus, the tuneless hymn which ascends daily without a discord. There are sumptuously colored sunsets to be seen from this elevation, but one has no time to enjoy them, and they make one long for the lingering gold and purple of more northern latitudes. I have really been industrious since I came here, both in writing to you, and in “reading up” the native states in blue books, etc.
I. L. B.

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