Friday, April 19, 2013

Cherating Tapir Rescue:

Cherating Tapir Rescue: These photos I downloaded from Mohd Hafiz Facebook (he is still asleep) :-). From what I gather, a group of Orang Asli (there is no traditional Orang Asli village near Cherating) who work at the nearby sawmill was seen chasing the tapir, using a truck on the evening of 18 April. The tapir jumped into the sea and Mohd Hafiz together with Che Mat of Chendor (with the help of other villagers) rescued the animal from the sea. Mohd Hafiz called me many times but I was on the flight from KLIA to JB and only answered after my arrival. Tried to call Hajjah Khairiah, Director of PERHILITAN Pahang but no reply, so I called En Salman of PERHILITAN HQ, who was having a meeting in Sg Petani, Kedah. He coordinated the pick up of the tapir from Cherating by the staff of the Krau Wildlife Sanctuary (on the way to Jerantut). The tapir was loaded up around 230 am and now should be in Krau. I will try to visit Krau on my way to the World Tapir Day launch at Taman Negara Kuala Tahan on 27 April.

BTW, the tapir is female, 150 kg and in fine health (without injuries). A microchip is implanted for future tracking. We all hope that she will give birth to many baby tapirs! :-) 

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