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Bukit Kinding Resort

Bukit Kinding Resort Contract Consultant

Dear Khairul,                       
We have qualified instructors to guide you along all the activities and safety is our utmost concern at Bukit Kinding Resort.
Bukit Kinding Resort is an eco-adventure based resort located in the lush green rainforest of Kinta Valley. Our activities are built around Mother Nature, and not on it, hence we are perserving Mother Nature, whist having fun-filled activities in the realms of greenery.

The activities we have are :
1)Flying Fox, the longest double zip line in Malaysia at 486m, as certified by Malaysia Guinness Book of Records.
2)Aqua Zorbing
3)Water Sports ; Freestyle Kayaking, Stand-up Paddling, Boating
4)Obstacle Course
6)Jungle Trekking
7)Sunset Campsite, located on the highest plateau at the Resort, where you can see the perfect sunset and shooting stars, with excellent night view.
8)Family Fun Telematches
10)Paintball Jungle Scenario
11)Mountain Biking
12)Night Trust Walk
13)Bamboo Rafting
We have just recently added ATV ( All Terrain Vehicle ) to our list of activities.
I do hope you could get back to me soonest possible.
An Adventure Bukit Kinding Resort is well worth the time spent here.

Bukit Kinding Resort – It’s More Than Just A Resort. It’s An Adventure.

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Bukit Kinding Resort – It’s more than just a Resort. It’s an adventure. Those were the words that came to my mind the moment I step foot in Bukit Kinding Resort.
It was my first trip to the Resort, after hearing countless reviews and remarks from close friends, I had to take a Sneak peak at this “Little Bali On A Hill”.
And upon my arrival, I understood why everyone who has visited the place was always looking forward to coming back. The place is Peaceful, It’s Breathtaking, and It’s Very Windy. It naturally puts you to a state of calmness.
Bukit Kinding Resort is situated in Tanjung Rambutan,Just 30 minutes from Ipoh city. Nestled in the midst of a hilly area, tranquil and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It offers a different environment from the town area resorts as the location is surrounded by great outdoors.
It’s a beautiful place for those looking for an eco-adventure holiday. Fuze Outdoor and Adventure Consultants the company that manages the eco-adventure activities in the Resort, specialises in tailored programmes to suit your needs. From newbie’s to Sports lovers they will pick the right adventure for you.
Many of you would have heard of this place as it is know for their Flying Fox, which is certified by the Malaysian Book of Records as being the longest in Malaysia at 486 meters from launch to landing. It has a double zip line with a beautiful view of the Kinta Valley as you traversed down. And for those who loves Sunset, their provide a Sunset Campsite, an excellent place for a sunset and night time bonfire where you can see the most spectacular Ipoh skyline at dusk and shooting stars.
And that’s not all, Bukit Kinding Offers packages, from corporate team building packages,family wilderness, university students to kids packages.. all at an affordable prices. Like I said, It’s more than a Resort, It’s an Adventure!
Among the activities that the Bukit Kinding Resort has to offer are:
- Rock Climbing
- Flying Fox
- Aqua Skipper
- Aqua Zorbing
- Freestyle Kayaking
- Stand-up Paddling
- Zorbing
- Panitball
- Mountain Biking
- Rope course
Indoor Facilities include :
- Multi purpose hall
- Badminton Court
- Function Hall
- Restaurant
- Karaoke
- Gym
- Pool side deck
- Spa
Outdoor Facilities include :
- Archery
- Boating
- Jungle Trekking
- Mountain Biking
- Children Playground

Reception Counter

Swimming Pool..


Bukit Kinding Resort also caters to students who enjoys camping activities..

Do you fancy Mountain Biking?


Flying Fox launching pad..

Spectacular View

Flying fox landing area..

The view from the top.. Flying Fox is a must try sport when you come to visit Bukit Kinding Resort!

Aqua Zorbing..