Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gua Anak Tempurung Caving, Gopeng Perak

MNS Selangor Caving Group is organizing a  trip to Gua Tempurung on 29 Sept (Saturday). As part of the MNS Family, I hope ALL Branches activities can be shared. Please arrange for a meeting place if some of the participants will be coming from the North (for example: Gopeng Toll Plaza).

Everyone is familiar with Gua Tempurung in Perak, but little is known of its smaller sibling nearby. Despite its size and a mere length of 0.9km, few can argue the beauty and charm that this pristine cave can offer.

Gua Anak Tempurung, last surveyed in 2001, is a river cave with 10 entrances and has various levels of passages. Carved through time by water, you will be able to see glistening white marbles along the passages. Majestic formations and sparkling calcite crystals can be seen along the single ri ver passage. Try looking out for catfishes, shrimps and other peculiar inhabitants of this unique cave.

On the way to the caves, you will find a quarrying site and the makeshift road adjacent to the hill. The road is littered with debris, deposited by the trucks that transport the spoils of the quarrying sites. The landscape is ever changing with erosion and widening of the access roads. See for yourself the beauty of a cave system and consider the critical need for conservation of caves in the Kinta Valley.

Thereafter, participants will proceed to visit Lata Kinjang waterfalls, which is visible from the Northbound North-South Highway. This is one of the tallest falls in Peninsula Malaysia, its rapid cascades and breathtaking scenery will be an ideal location for a lunch picnic. Please prepare your own food and beverage.

29th September Day-Trip Itinerary

8:00am Meeting-point and registration at McDonalds, Centerpoint, Bandar Utama
8:30am Depart to Gua Anak Tempurung, northbound North-South Highway, exit at Gopeng
10:00am Arrival at trail, briefing
10:30am Caving at Gua Anak Tempurung
1:30pm Depart to Lata Kinjang Waterfall
2:00pm Lunch Picnic and Free Time

Essentials: Torchlight, helmet (construction, bicycle, caving), change of clothes, water and light snacks

Cost : RM50 (members) , RM70 (non-members)

Non-members are encouraged to join Malaysian Nature Society.

Transportation is on your own. Car-pooling is encouraged. As safety is a priority, all participants would need to get their own helmets & torches (we will guide you on purchasing these).

Join us! To register, call or email Mariam (012-3932160 / mariam_milatu@yahoo.com) or Yin Tuan (012-2919828 / mnsyyt@yahoo.com). Payment can be made to Maybank account 514084066953 in the name of Yeoh Yin Tuan. Please e-mail mnsyyt@yahoo.com once payment has been made.

* This trip is suitable for both beginners & experienced cavers
* MNSCG reserves the right to cancel the event due to weather or other factors that compromise the safety of participants.

Prof  Dr Maketab Mohamed
MNS President

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