Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sharon Ng-Chan Testimonial

Hi Khairul!
 Sorry for this delayed reply. Very busy with prep for CNY.
Thanks for the four pics of Christove and his family attending a Malay wedding. They found it most interesting and very grateful tfor the kind hospitality of the Malaysians. The neighbours around my guest house, Cosy Rest, where they stayed for 3 days were also very nice to them, giving them fresh fruits etc.

I would like to confirm my booking for the Fireflies Cruise on 21 January (Saturday) at 9pm after outr seafood dinner at Tepi Sungai Restaurant. Please charter the whole boat for me at RM300, for 11 persons, with my hubby, Dr Chan Ah Lak going free because he promised to write about your cruise.
Pls confirm this ASAP.

Your website looks good and the info on seafood restaurants very useful. 
Teh Tarik and roti canai sounds great! What about Mee Udang?!!

Sharon Ng-Chan