Tuesday, July 31, 2007

River cruise at Matang Mangrove Forest Swamp and Firefly Sighting

A potofrapher's dream this virtually virgin mangrove swamp is a beautiful natural splendour any photographer woould naturally relish the opportunity to capture moments on film. Just looking ariund and immersing oneself with the glory if God's gift is enaough to intrigue most professionals. Covering over an area of nearly 5000 hectares, this natural trecreational site presents one with the opportunity to be alone wirt nature. Besides the Kuala Sepetang mangrove swamp, there is also a natural centuries-old site in an island covering over 100 acres fronting the Port Weld. (Kuala Sepetang)
During the firefly season in September - December, we can navigate our boat at night along Sungai Neraka just by following the light made by firefly along the river bank. What a wonderful experience.

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